A change of pace, fellow Whovians.

I’m notoriously dreadful at remembering to post on this blog. I’ll be watching Doctor Who or reading about it or just thinking about it and get a brilliant idea for something to write…and then I forget.

I started this blog with the intention of getting through the old classic series of Who and writing about it, and I still plan on doing that. However, I’m going to add a new layer to what I write about on here– that is, I’m going to write about anything Who-related that I think might be interesting or thought-provoking. 

So while you will still (eventually) see posts and recaps on Classic Who, you’ll also start seeing new ideas, conversation starters, and reactions to anything about the Whovian Fandom. Hopefully the new release of restrictions will allow me to write more!

Happy Who-ving!


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